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Laga'at Behodu

Laga'at Behodu, is a traveling company, based in Israel, that speciallizes in uniqe off the beaten track tours, in India and Nepal.

Among out tours we offer: Jeep Safari in the Himalayas, Classical tours in South India and in Rajasthan, Trekking in the Himalaya, Spiritual oriented tours, and Special interest tours.

We organize tours for groups as well for individual travelers (FIT's)

The company was established in 2008 by Ms. Roni Jorofi & Mr. Doron Ben Haim, based on their love for India and for traveling, as well as the many years of tour operating experience.

Our main goal is to allow those who travel with us to 'get involved' with the people and places we visit - and to really "Touch India", and this also the literal meaning of the company name in Hebrew.


The Team:

♦ Mr. Doron Ben Haim - Managing Director    

Israel: +972-522850360   |    India: +91-9654849625 / 94692626284


♦ Ms. Roni Jorofi - Manager    

Israel:  +972-526220971   |   India: +91-9961903706 /  9582485351


Mrs. Osnat Avidan - Tour Manager



Laga'at Behodu

Moshav Almagor 12922, Israel

Office: +972-4-6898088




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